Tentative, being refined Tabletop RPG system for Pokemon
Useful sheets to organize information and a more spacious character sheet for D&D 5e
A Practice Game Design project my friends loved, and I hope you all like too!
A Sheet made to help sort and organize the conceptual aspects of your Character
A 2 Race with total 10 Subraces and 1 Class with 6 Archetypes Supplement for 1st Edition Pathfinder.
I present to you Icons of Gaming in the form of 14 Races, 8 Base Classes and 5 Prestige Classes.
Role Playing
A 9 Race Supplement for 1st Edition Pathfinder or D&D 5e, most of them having 2-3 Subraces
A 3 Base, 8 Prestige/Subclass Class Supplement for 1st Edition Pathfinder and 5th edition D&D

To investigate